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He daintily took a pinch of actors equity australia, cleared his throat two or three times, as if he were about to demand a count out of the House; then he heard his daughters actors equity australia step, and she came in humming an air from Il Barbiere. Good-morning, papa. What do you want with me so early. Having sung these words, as though they were the refrain of the melody, she kissed the Count, not with the familiar tenderness which makes a daughters love so sweet a thing, but with the light carelessness of a mistress confident of pleasing, whatever she may do. My dear child, said Monsieur actors equity australia Fontaine, gravely, I sent for you to talk to you very seriously about your future prospects. You are at actors equity australia moment under the necessity of making such a choice of a husband as may secure your durable happiness- My good father, replied Emilie, assuming her most coaxing tone of voice to interrupt him, it strikes me that the armistice on which we agreed as to my suitors is not yet expired. Emilie, we must today forbear from jesting on so important a matter. For some time past the efforts of those who most truly love you, my dear child, have been concentrated on the endeavor to settle you suitably; and you would be guilty of ingratitude in meeting with levity those proofs of kindness which I am not alone in lavishing on you.
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